Friday, May 3, 2013

Free Comic Book Day & Alexis

Alexis will be at Space Cadets Collection in Houston for FCBD this Saturday! Stop by and meet the man himself, and pick up a signed copy of The Unprofessionals!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bill Sienkiewicz COVER!

New Cover by Bill Sienkiewicz
Yep, that Bill Sienkiewicz. Yes. Yeessssss!

 It's not fair, how good this guy is. Check it out, people, our new cover for Chapter 1! Eisner Winner & Emmy Nominated Bill Sienkiewicz is the cover artist for our new trade edition, which will be available to order from local comic shops across the country this month! Incredible addition to an already incredible team of creators! Story by Colin Rankine, interior art by Chris Moreno, colors by Kate Glasheen and letters by Troy Peteri.

The Unpreofessionals, A Sociopathic Bromance, Chapter 1 trade paperback will be in April PREVIEWS. Ask for it. Beg for it. Order 1000 copies! Item code #131222. Tattoo this number on your face and shove it into a comic shop. Whatever you have to do, get this book!


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Alexis Nerdin' Around

Alexis Cruz was on Nerd Heard Podcast last week talking about The UnProfessionals and the big news of getting into Diamond Distributing. The episode is up! Check it out guys!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Emerald City, Here We Come!

What's that, you say? A comic convention? In Seattle? Huh. Well, we're on the prowl this year, scoping locations for signings as we ready new stuff for release. Since we'll be in town...

You can see Alexis Cruz, co-creator of The Unprofessionals: A Sociopathic Bromance, at Emerald City Comic Con 2013! Signing with Talaria Press at table E-15 in artist alley! Don't miss!

When: March 1st through March 3rd, 2013

Where: 800 Convention Place, Seattle, WA 98101, USA

Be there!

-UnPro Team

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Diamonds Are Forever Baby!

We've been hinting at the huge news for the past few weeks and while we're excited to just come out and say it, we first want to express immense gratitude to all of our fans, supporters and kickstarters to helping take this project so far already. Thank you!

So, the big big best lets pop some bottles news is that...

The UnProfessionals is Diamond Distributed!

That's right, we've been picked up by the biggest comics distributor around, Diamond Distributing (the big guns that make sure your Spidermans and your Batmans are stocked in the store.) This means that comic shops across the country will now see and be able to order The Unprofessionals. We're playing in the major leagues now. It's great, we all actually feel just like Jake & Leo, starting out in the small time and moving up.

Look for us in March PREVIEWS and then expect to see the re-release of Chapter #1 in comic shops nationwide!
We're incredibly excited, it's been an awesome beginning of the year, so let's keep it going! Keep checking back for more

-UnPro Team