Monday, September 17, 2012

Girl Gamer Review

Fantastic review over the weekend from Colin, Alexis, Chris, Kate and Erik were each mentioned. A small excerpt:
For me, however, the real standout of The Unprofessionals art team is colorist Kate Glasheen, whose beautiful, hand-painted watercolors bring to the surface underlying themes in the story that a lesser colorist might have glossed over in the face of a standard “gritty” look. Glasheen excels at making the pretty look slightly scary.
Excited to see some recognition for the whole crew! Read the full review here:

Friday, September 7, 2012

Signed UNPro cover art from artist Erik Reeves

The Unprofessionals has made quite the network of new friends since our debut at San Diego Comic Con, some of whom are clamoring to get at the rewards they missed way back when we were kickstarting this project.

Want some? Get some.

The Limited Edition Trade Paperback, signed and numbered by Alexis Cruz, is on track to SELL OUT at New York Comic Con (more details on THAT event on new comic day next week.)

But now, for the first time since our project was successfully funded, the signed print from artist Erik Reeves--and the COVER of The Unprofessionals Chapter One: The Son-in-Law --is now on sale and available for purchase!

The print is 11 x 17, full color, signed by the artist. Purchase it online and get a FREE digital download of the Chapter 1 delivered directly to your inbox!

Click here, order the art, get the download. Do it