Our Team

These are the stupendous badasses who gave us the benefit of their skill, experience, and talent:

Chris Moreno
Chris Moreno is a comics artist and creator whose work has appeared in Disney’s Toy Story for BOOM! Studios, and POP! The Darlings of America from IDW, as well as The Minions of Ka from Arcana, and Paul Jenkins’ Sidekick from Image Comics. His creator-owned character, Sanz Pantz: Ninja Platypus appears in the Popgun anthologies from Image. His other comics credits include Alien Inventor, World War Hulk: Frontline, Dracula vs. King Arthur, Monkey in a Wagon vs. Lemur on a Big Wheel, The Last Sin of Mark Grimm, the webcomic Super Frat, and Zenescope’s Grimm Fairy Tales. Chris’s work has appeared on sketch cards for Inkworks for The Spirit, Shrek the Third, Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem, Hellboy: Sword of Storms, Robots and Family Guy. His art has also been seen in role-playing games for companies like Kenzer & Co., on their Hackmaster game and Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine, and Tony DiGerolamo’s Complete Mafia for d20 from Living Room Games.

Kate Glasheen
Kate graduated in 2004 from Pratt Institute in the Fort Greene area of Brooklyn, NY, and was awarded a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts: Drawing. Her fine art is visibly influenced by sequential art, and she hopes that the reverse is true for her comic work. With several gallery shows throughout the country under her belt, and the hardcover collection of Hybrid Bastards! arriving in February of 2010, The creative team of Glasheen and writer Tom Pinchuk, (also known as “Team Pinsheen” throughout the international knife gang circuit) are ready to spread their whimsical plague over the world. 

Troy Peteri
Troy starred as Clyde the orangutan in the Clint Eastwood classic Every Which Way But Loose (NOT the inferior sequel) before going on to portray the lovable Mrs. Garrett in 9 seasons of TV's Facts of Life (Oh, Tootie, will you never learn?). He gave it up for a luxurious and lucrative career typing words like "SNIKT!" and "KRAKA-THOOOM!", lettering 99.9% of all of Top Cow's books. Troy's first Top Cow book was Witchblade #84 though some nights he cries himself to sleep at the thought of all the lost royalties from the Mrs. Garrett action figures. He never expected them to sell so well. 

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