Saturday, October 27, 2012

London never saw us coming!

Series co-creator Alexis Cruz is at MCM Expo in London! Visit Red Stylo for more event details, and follow Alexis as he tweets from the show!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Unpro Geeks out with Geek Nation

Check out this interview from Geek Nation! We posted this interview on our Facebook page back in August when MissCR1xLee chatted with The Unprofessionals co-creators Alexis Cruz and Colin Rankine.

The guys chat about the comics market, traditional vs. unconventional techniques throughout this insane little miniseries, and the crisis of ambition vs. reality after our groundbreaking Kickstarter campaign. If you didn't catch it then, read it now:

P.S. Thanks to LunaEclipse on Facebook for the re-post!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Sequential Tart Review!

Good = Coming Back from New York Comic Con, safe, sound and blissed out from the amazing response from die-hard (and new!) fans.

GREAT = Coming home to another awesome review! Check it out:
Review on

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Got Code?

Folks who made it to the East Coast for New York Comic Con to see The Unprofessionals creators, Alexis Cruz and Colin Rankine, got a little something something in the Limited Edition Trade Paperback. Not only is this special edition signed and numbered by Alexis, but the purchase included a code for a FREE digital download of the upcoming Chapter 2! And...we still have copies!
Leo and his brother-from-another-mother Jake are a pair of homicidal nerds who dream of being awesome ninja assassins, and they've already got one job under their belt: low-life gambler and Welfare cheat Benny Chow. But they've stepped on the toes of Bojack & Lugo, two vicious pros with sensitive egos, and their shenanigans have drawn the attention of the NYPD.
The Unprofessionals--A Sociopathic Bromance, Chapter 2: Spider-Man, written by Colin Rankine, with art by Kate Glasheen, and lettered by the amazing Troy Peteri, has a hard-target release date of November 5! Couldn't make it? We *might* have a little something for you... Pre-order The Unprofessionals, Chapter 2 in our online store. **OR** Pick up one of the last remaining copies of The Unprofessionals, Chapter 1 limited edition trade paperback, and get a code to download the comic, FREE! These are convention specials and are a limited run. Get them now before they're gone forever!