Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Alexis Cruz Interview on WHR Decide

Hey all you wanna-be ninjas! We must have missed this little dandy, an interview with one of the big guy's himself, Alexis Cruz.

-UnPro Team

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Newsletterin' Around

Hey! All you...sociopathic bromancers (we'll probably stick with unprofessionals.) We've just got a cool e-mail from Red Stylo Media. They're doing a bi-weekly newsletter and we've been featured in each one.

So while we may not have a newsletter to send to everyone, you can subscribe to theirs and get all the Unprofessional news you can handle.

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While you're signing up, here's some fantastic news straight from the source. Red Stylo Media was accepted into the small press pavilion at San Diego Comic Con and, and, and movie star & The Unprofessionals Co-Creator Alexis Cruz (Skaara from Stargate) will be signing at their table! Huzzah!

So get your plane tickets to Cali before they skyrocket, put your comic con shoes on, and we'll see you guys there!