Monday, November 21, 2011

A Sociopathic Bromance on

New York is the city where dreams come true, and there's no better place for a couple of starry-eyed kids to teach themselves the ropes of the murder-for-hire game. Armed with a mail-order covert ops pamphlet, a second-hand Zune, and a dream, Leo and Jake set out to show the pros how to specialize in the absurd and kill for a living... 

Now Leo and Jake are looking for their big break as world class assassins. In their world, nothing is impossible, nothing is out of reach and everything conspires to snuff out their potential.  Jake & Leo will have to out-wit homicide detectives, out-maneuver shady counter-terrorism operatives, and out-gun a gang of cut-throats who don't appreciate losing jobs to a couple of punk kids. 
Yeah... it'll probably work out.

"The Unprofessionals - A Sociopathic Bromance" Written by Colin Rankine, Art by Chris Moreno, Erik Reeves & Christian DiBari. With Colors by Kate Glasheen & Letters by Troy Peteri.  Editing, Design & Layouts by Cruz & Rankine. Developed & Produced by Alexis Cruz & The Mythmaker Group™

"The Unprofessionals - A Sociopathic Bromance& The Mythmaker Group™
© 2011 Colin Rankine & Alexis Cruz, 929 Entertainment. All Rights Reserved. 

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