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The Unprofessionals - Press Release


November 1st, 2011


Cover by Erik Reeves
Actor Alexis Cruz (Stargate, Touched By An Angel, Shark) has teamed up with writer, Colin Rankine to create “The UNprofessionals, a story of “sociopathic bromance,” which he formally announced at Long Beach Comic Con 2011. Cruz and Rankine will tease the graphic novel this month, making it available on, the crowd-funding phenomenon that invites the public to “back” projects they like for incentive rewards and pride of participation. Fans can support “The UNprofessionals’” 30-day campaign on Kickstarter beginning November 1st by visiting

“The UNprofessionals” graphic novel is produced by Alexis Cruz and written by Colin Rankine with art by Chris Moreno (creator of “Zombie Dickheads”). Cruz describes the project as, “Pulp Fiction meets The Boondock Saints, set in NYC about two kids pursuing a dream and trying to learn the ropes of the murder-for-hire game.”

“We wanted to return creatively as storytellers to a medium we love with comics, Colin is a New York native, and Chris Moreno ‘Makes It Happen’”, says Cruz, in a nod to the artist’s website slogan, and adds that the intention is to “explore the perils we face when we decide to live out our dreams”.   Says Moreno: “Coming up in an industry like comics that has no set playbook, I can relate to the main characters in, The UNprofessionals, without the whole ninja assassin thing of course. But Colin and Alexis have created the perfect environment to live out my hitman-for-hire fantasies."

Cruz, who just wrapped the paranormal thriller, Sighting, in which he stars, intends to expand the property beyond the realm of graphic novels, by developing a film and possibly a video game. The plan is to create the multi-platform property in stages, with separate but complimentary story lines and self-publish a Limited Edition offering by Alexis’ company, 929 Entertainment and their imprint, The Mythmaker Group.  

The Mythmaker Group is an intellectual property development company; a professional cooperative of writers, directors, animators, visual and performing artists, and other creative forces that draws and cultivates talent from many disciplines throughout the entertainment industry in order to develop the best, most innovative expressions for original content; specializing in trans-media story design ranging from film and television, to interactive web content and ARGs, to graphic novels.

The Kickstarter campaign for “The UNprofessionals” can be found at and runs November 1st through November 31st.

More information about this and other Mythmaker Group projects can be found at

 The Mythmaker Group™ & "The Unprofessionals - A Sociopathic Bromance" © 2011 Colin Rankine & Alexis Cruz, 929 Entertainment. All Rights Reserved. 


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