Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bill Sienkiewicz COVER!

New Cover by Bill Sienkiewicz
Yep, that Bill Sienkiewicz. Yes. Yeessssss!

 It's not fair, how good this guy is. Check it out, people, our new cover for Chapter 1! Eisner Winner & Emmy Nominated Bill Sienkiewicz is the cover artist for our new trade edition, which will be available to order from local comic shops across the country this month! Incredible addition to an already incredible team of creators! Story by Colin Rankine, interior art by Chris Moreno, colors by Kate Glasheen and letters by Troy Peteri.

The Unpreofessionals, A Sociopathic Bromance, Chapter 1 trade paperback will be in April PREVIEWS. Ask for it. Beg for it. Order 1000 copies! Item code #131222. Tattoo this number on your face and shove it into a comic shop. Whatever you have to do, get this book!


1 comment:

  1. Love the cover! Giving this baby a RED STAR in my weekly vid as it will be out Wed., 3 July!!