Friday, November 2, 2012

The Unprofessionals Chapter 2: Spider Man

Unpro: teaserRemember remember the Fifth of November! Why? An overly dramatic revolution? No! The Unprofessionals - Chapter #2: Spider Man is released digitally!

Check in with us on Facebook all weekend, with sneak previews of Chapter #2, and head over to Red Stylo Media's store to pre-order Chapter 2 because we've all been missing our favorite wannabe "ninjas", Jake & Leo. 

They've already got one job under their belt: low-life gambler and Welfare cheat Benny Chow. But they've stepped on the toes of Bojack & Lugo, two vicious pros with sensitive egos, and their shenanigans have drawn the attention of the NYPD. Expect violent hijinx, criminal antics, and probably some bickering in the second installment of The Unprofessionals!   

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